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IOCB Tech Foundation

General partner

The IOCB Tech Foundation was established in 2022 by IOCB Tech, a subsidiary of the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences that matches the results of basic research done at IOCB with the needs of commercial partners.

The foundation’s mission is to contribute to the further development of science and the use of its results in society, while at the same time strengthening public awareness of the fundamental contribution of scientific research.

According to its chairwoman Barbara Eignerová, the foundation focuses, among other things, on projects that have great potential for the scientific community and its development, and ultimately for society as a whole.

We are honored to be among the first projects supported by the foundation and thank the foundation for their trust.  

Bakala Foundation

The Bakala Foundation is the Czech family foundation of Michaela and Zdeněk Bakala. It was established in 2007 with the aim of supporting talented Czech students on their way to excellent education, thus not only fulfilling their dreams, but also making a positive impact to the entire Czech society. Under the flagship Scholarship programme, The Bakala Foundation has enabled nearly 200 students to study at top foreign universities; in other programmes it supports students in specific fields, such as journalism and architecture. The Foundation also supports meaningful third-party projects in education and science.

We share The Bakala Foundation’s belief that the path to the best education often leads beyond our national borders, and that foreign experiences are an important element in the cultivation of society. We started collaborating in 2022 on the support of scholars and scientists endangered by the Russian aggression in Ukraine. We appreciate that The Bakala Foundation decided to also support our other activities and is thus currently our largest donor.

Charles University

Charles University (CUNI) is the largest educational institution in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest universities in the world. There are almost 51,000 students (about one-sixth of all students in the Czech Republic) study one of its 870+ accredited study programs. The University has over 8,600 employees, including nearly 4,000 academic and scientific staff. CUNI places great emphasis on international collaboration with prestigious educational and research institutions (it has concluded more than four hundred bilateral agreements and 208 international partnership agreements with foreign universities) and supports foreign internships and stays abroad of its students and employees.

We are very pleased by the support of Charles University, which is the alma mater of many czexpats. As an examples, the first joint project is the Young PI Forum #YPIF – a platform for young research group leaders from across Czech institutions to meet and exchange information and experience.

Diana Biotechnologies

Diana is a young biotechnology company founded in 2018 as a spin-off from IOCB with the vision of finally building a pharmaceutical company in Czechia with its own drug development program. In the pandemic, Diana temporarily changed course and used the know-how in high-throughput screening and qPCR to develop their own diagnostic solution for covid, which gained a significant part of the Czech market and contributed to improving the availability of covid testing. Now Diana is going back to the original plan and investing the profits from the covid diagnostics in the development of its drug discovery programs and expanding their capacity as a contract research organization using, among other things, the DIANA method, which kickstarted the company.

We are happy to cooperate with Diana, which creates interesting jobs for highly qualified professionals such as czexpats and indeed already employs many scientists with research experience from abroad. You can also meet them at some of our events, where they share experience with their transition from an academic environment outside of Czechia to work in the R&D of a biotech company in Prague.

The Kellner Family Foundation

Renáta and Petr Kellner founded the first family foundation dedicated to education in 2002. Later, they merged their philanthropic activities in the education area under the umbrella of The Kellner Family Foundation, which has long supported education in the Czech Republic. During its existence, the Kellner Family Foundation has donated approximately CZK 1.85 billion to socially beneficial projects, primarily located in the Czech Republic.

Like The Kellner Family Foundation, at Czexpats we believe that international experience positively shapes the lives and careers of individuals, while at the same time the experience gained can help to improve the environment for education, science and innovation in the Czech Republic. Together, we want to make it easier for international students to stay connected with Czech science and help them return if they wish to do so.



Contipro was founded in 1990, immediately after the Velvet Revolution, and has over time developed into one of the world’s largest producers of ultrapure hyaluronic acid, as well as cosmetic and medical products based on it. The company has a very active research program, which employs half of all of its staff. As a result, it also clearly offers job positions in R&D attractive for czexpats.

Contipro shows that excellent science can lead to products that help around the world. We share the belief that education is extremely important and that it is very meaningful to strive to improve our surroundings and living conditions in Czechia in general. Contipro has established its own elementary school in the region where it is based, it organizes summer courses for high school students and hosts university students for their practical thesis work.

East Port

We could not do our activities without the generous financial support of our partners and supporters. We would like to thank everyone for their support!

You can see the financial performance of our association on the transparent account. This is not a public collection account. If you want to support us, you can do so through the portal Darujme.cz (form below), or write to us at info(at)czexpats.org. We are happy to prepare a donation agreement according to your specifications.

We follow a code of ethics when entering into partnerships.