We unite CZEXPATS, Czech scientists who live abroad

The initiative Czexpats in Science strives to connect Czech scientists abroad with scientists and institutions in the Czech Republic, foster long term partnerships and the exchange of information, aiming to support world class science in the Czech Republic

Hundreds of talented Czech scientists live abroad and leverage their knowledge and experience for innovative research. However, living and working abroad tend to result in the loss of contact with the scientific community in the Czech Republic, loss of opportunities to share and collaborate with scientists in the Czech Republic and, last but not least, difficulties in returning to the Czech Republic.

Articles (in czech)

We publish blog entries about different aspects
of the life of a scientist abroad and upon return
to the Czech Republic We try to catch a broad
range of experience
and points of view. Our
blogs are published by the popular portal

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Events (in czech)

To these ends we develop various projects, with the Christmas conference in Prague as our flagship activity. We also organize workshops on how to secure a PhD or a postdoctoral research position abroad.

Currently, our events are mostly in Czech language, but in case you’re interested in visting one of them, have a look on the events page (in Czech) or contact us for more details!

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🇺🇸 Jaká je cesta z pražských Dejvic až do slunného Stanfordu v Kalifornii?
Svou cestu do USA popsala pro @czexpats molekulární bioložka a imunoložka @krisblazkova.
👉 https://vedavyzkum.cz/z-domova/czexpats-in-science/kristyna-blazkova-living-the-american-dream

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