Czexpats in Science Code of Ethics

As an organisation, we subscribe to the values of civil society, human rights, equal opportunities, fairness and decency. As scientists, we are particularly concerned with honesty in the handling of facts and knowledge.

General fundraising principles

  • We approach individuals and organizations that are acceptable to us as donors with a request for a donation.
  • We undertake to use the donations in accordance with the purpose of our association and the will of the donor.
  • We communicate truthfully and completely with the donor, just as we communicate truthfully and completely about the donations received.
  • The donations received are used economically and in accordance with the law.
  • We always say thank you for the gift.

Problematic financial resources

We always consider the request for and acceptance of a donation individually and on the basis of our values. To help you navigate, we have defined potentially problematic financial resources.

Problematic sources may be funds from entities that:

  • behaving vulgarly and aggressively in public,
  • attack non-governmental organisations and legitimate civil society activities,
  • use disinformation media and actively spread unsubstantiated information and conspiracy theories,
  • misuse science to advance their goals or products,
  • are active in regional and national politics,
  • abuse human and natural resources.