Czexpats for Ukraine

Between April 2022 and June 2024, we carried out our project, Czexpats for Ukraine, to support Ukrainian scientists. This initiative was financially supported by The Bakala Foundation.

Our activities and the lessons we learned are summarized in the Final Project Report: Support of displaced scientists: Lessons learned from the Russian aggression in Ukraine.

Further activities will be continued by the Czech-Ukrainian Scientific Society (CZUSS), which was formed by regular participants of our UA-CZ Science Meetups. If you are a Ukrainian scientist and need advice, please contact CZUSS directly at You can also follow CZUSS activities on their Facebook page or in the Telegram group

We see the impact of efficiently integrating displaced Ukrainian academics into the Czech research environment as twofold: in addition to mitigating the detrimental influence of Putin’s war on individual lives, we see this wave of international scientific mobility as a unique opportunity for the Czech  academic environment to refresh and move towards the aims and visions of Czexpats. If you have any questions or ideas regarding the support of Ukrainian scientists in Czechia, please get in touch with us at!

Photo documentation from past UA-CZ Science Meetups